Draft Project Book, 170 pages, 160 black and white photos, hard cover


‘Undiagnosed’ sets out the thoughts, difficulties and states of mind I went through in the period before receiving a correct diagnosis.
Assailed by a series of painful symptoms, over some long 711 days I went through 31 appointments with 15 different doctors, 22 clinical tests, and an orthopaedic operation.
Many statistical studies have shown that even illnesses that are not particularly rare can take several years to diagnose. Some remain undiagnosed for the patient’s entire life, while others are misdiagnosed. During the period without a diagnosis, the patient cannot begin a targeted treatment plan. Often, their symptoms are not treated correctly, which has serious repercussions for the patient’s professional, emotional, and social life.
Living without a diagnosis places you in an indeterminate condition in which you are potentially ill and healthy at the same time. It is a condition for which no specific support exists, and the patient is forced to learn how to manage for themselves.