The Talking Stones

This is a short series of rocky cliffs from places where I’ve spent time when I was a child. My parents were eccentric enough to make my sister and me live an off the beaten path marine wilderness in its fullness.

I decided to visit these places again last year, embarking myself, as a ritual, in a 30 day long, self supported travel by bike with the specific intent to reach these shores. I had great expectations of rediscovering ancestral, pleasing memories. However, my mental state had been disoriented. I actually did not recognize the vast majority of the spaces that were instead clearly nested into my memories. Eventually ruining them. I could only listen to feeble and intermittent messages coming fro m the rocks surrounding me in solitude. Their patterns evoked intense flashes of my infancy, but I was not able to recall a single, whole memory.


Here below some photos taken by my mother, Giovanna Massi