Riot Police fires tear gas canisters. Rome, Italy.

Hot Roman Autumns

The term hot autumn has been used by the Italian press to describe autumns with significant number of strikes and protests. Such discontent, since 2010, began to escalate into uncontrolled violence as tougher austerity measures...
The entire farm is fed by this well that sucks the water from the lake

Last Floriculturists

They're just a handful remaining, in two little areas on the side of the Nemi volcano crater lake, suburbs of Rome. An ancient background in floriculture made Nemi village renowned across the country. Nevertheless...
Terme di Caracalla, Caracalla baths

Absolutely Concrete

Absolutely concrete is a photographic study in its infancy

Silent gentrification in the heart of Queens

The intensely diversified social pattern of Queens starts to quietly add the presence of a class of European ancestry where in the past it was more a rarity. Rezoning of Roosevelt Av. and a BID are likely to slowly shake...
Muslim women in their typical clothing have a dinner in Times Square

Tribute in Light for the 13th anniversary of 9/11 in New York

The complete gallery of Tribute in Light can be seen on UnFrame

Christian worship diversity in Jerusalem and Bethlehem

The area of Jerusalem and Bethlehem is a millennial host for multiple worships. Since 4th century it is the most important pilgrimage destination for Christians. In spite of this, religious diversity

The Medjugorje Phenomenon

Since 1981 Medjugorje has attracted some 30 milions pilgrims from all over the world due to reports of apparitions of the Virgin Mary to six local Catholics, commonly known as the visionaries. In time the Medjugorje's events have been both celebrated...