Riot Police fires tear gas canisters. Rome, Italy.

Hot Roman Autumns

The term hot autumn has been used by the Italian press to describe autumns with significant number of strikes and protests. Such discontent, since 2010, began to escalate into uncontrolled violence as tougher austerity measures...
The entire farm is fed by this well that sucks the water from the lake

Last Floriculturists

They're just a handful remaining, in two little areas on the side of the Nemi volcano crater lake, suburbs of Rome. An ancient background in floriculture made Nemi village renowned across the country. Nevertheless...
The summit of Monte Bianco or Mont Blanc - aerial view

Monte Bianco – Mont Blanc summit

The summit of Monte Bianco or Mont Blanc at dawn - this is most likely my first aerial picture taken. I was heading to Geneva, Switzerland on a commercial flight and I had the luck to spot the giant at dawn with its peak blessed by the morning light. Shot on Ektachrome transparency.
Centrale Montemartini statue

Centrale Montemartini, One of a Kind Museum

The pictures of this unique museum in Rome have been shooting recently are available to see on UnFrame


During the month of August the congested Eur district in Rome is completely left abandoned by workers and inhabitants. Even parked cars disappear allowing to rediscover the metaphysical principle that the planners, in the late 30's, brought into play to complete this neighborhood