Forgotten churches of Corsica

In Corsica there are plenty of churches and tombs that are located far away from any village. Typically they are built in the middle of a forest or on the peak of a mountain.
Jüdisches Museum Berlin - olive garden

Jüdisches Museum Berlin – 2000

The Jewish Museum. Olives in the Garden of Exile with the Museum’s main building in the background. The museum complex is composed by two buildings, the old “Kollegienhaus” and deconstructivist-style building by architect Daniel Libeskind.
portrait dated back in 1990. Film Tmax 3200.

Frame 0

One of the very first photos I took back in 1990 with basic equipment and film Tmax 3200. My sister while she was studying the first year of architecture. Inspired by her work, I followed her same route later. At that time I was messing around with high sensitivity film and chemicals to get a few pictures .

Guggenheim Construction Site in Bilbao – 1997

In 1997-98 I was living in the Basque Country and I had the opportunity to see and take photos of the construction site of the Guggenheim in its advanced stage. The Guggenheim Museum Bilbao is a museum of modern and contemporary art, architecture by Arch. Frank O. Gehry. The building is made of stone, glass and titanium panels.
Arab World Institute, Institut du Monde Arabe, IMA, Paris

Arab World Institute, Institut du Monde Arabe – 1998

The Arab World Institute is a private foundation founded in Paris in 1980 by members of the League of Arab States with France, to promote and disseminate information about the Arab world and its cultural and spiritual values
Terme di Caracalla, Caracalla baths

Absolutely Concrete

Absolutely concrete is a photographic study in its infancy


During the month of August the congested Eur district in Rome is completely left abandoned by workers and inhabitants. Even parked cars disappear allowing to rediscover the metaphysical principle that the planners, in the late 30's, brought into play to complete this neighborhood