Road kills

Road kills is a series of fictional stories of human casualties involuntarily played by animals killed on real road accidents.
It’s been long time that I wanted to tackle this sensible theme and I found my best balance by transposing the human tragedy to animal corpses and show this way the violent nature of this problem.

Each photo caption is loosely inspired by real news or known stories.

Road accidents are by far the mayor cause of mortality, permanent disability and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in every part of world. Despite the current state of technology, roads today still pose a threat greater than a war can do. The majority of people on the planet had a parent who died in a road accident. In 2015, a total of 1.250.000 fatalities occurred. Every hour 144 people from all over the world die from road accidents. (source: WHO report)

The issue is still undervalued on all fronts and it involves all social stratification and nationality. Moreover, it is progressively worsening in less developed countries.
Increasing road safety is not only a technical challenge to face, but, for a great part, it is a complex cultural and educational challenge.

The series contains graphic content that may be disturbing to some viewers

  • Angela’s father was speeding on the way to the kindergarten. As a responsible father, he had to accomplish many daily tasks. But he was a little over the speed limit in that road that he knew as the back of his hand. Her daughter Angela died in the crash.

  • Julia was driving and texting to her daughter just when her car hit Sara’s bike coming out from a driveway. Julia did not become aware of the severity of the accident until she got off her car. Sara was only 7 years old.

  • Drunk hit and run. Anthony was left behind on the asphalt by his killer, Tom. Tom was drunk and didn’t know that hit and run drivers are often easily identified. And so it was. Failing to summon emergency services lead Anthony to death.

  • Drunk hit. Robin had been hit while crossing the road. Jack, the man driving the van that hit Robin tested positive for alcohol.

  • Theresa got run over by a car a few days before her wedding day. The driver was distracted by a phone call while he hit Theresa.

  • Vanessa was recommended to buy a SUV for her growing family. She was told about the advantages in safety of a bigger and heavier vehicle. Vanessa accidentally rammed a subcompact car on its side, killing one of its passengers, Tim, 8 years old.
    Experts said that a similar accident between two equal sized cars would hardly have caused any casualty.

  • Bob’s car went into a skid on a rainy Thursday. Bob had been thrown away from the cockpit and he fatally hit the ground. Bob didn’t change tires for 3 years.

  • Amanda was lighting a cigarette when her car rolled over. She survived but she had her right arm lost in the crash.

  • Jim was speeding when he lost control. His car swerved off the road and suddenly caught fire. Despite the desperate attempt of some bystanders to take out Jim from the wreckage, he was engulfed by flames and burnt to death.

  • John wanted to show the performances of his new car to his best friend Peter. They were both 18yo and inexperienced. The brand new car, a gift from John’s father, crashed into a wall, killing Peter.

  • Leslie liked sport cars and speed. She was a good and experienced driver, but she fatally crashed when she wanted to have a little more fun on a curvy road.

  • Bill was a firefighter who was providing relief at the scene of an accident. He got run over by an incoming truck that could not brake and stop in time.