The Accursed Mountains

The Accursed Mountains are a large, rugged, pathless range that stretches between Albania, Montenegro and Kosovo. It is one of the rare mountain ranges in Europe that has not been explored entirely yet, besides having several unescalated mountain walls.
A little girl gets on the train. L'Île-Rousse, Corsica

On the Go – Color

A stream of color photos I take on the go
Cowboys Butteri della Maremma

On The Go – Black & White

A stream of black and white photos I take on the go

Forgotten churches of Corsica

In Corsica there are plenty of churches and tombs that are located far away from any village. Typically they are built in the middle of a forest or on the peak of a mountain.
rocky pyramid in the sea

The Talking Stones

This is a short series of rocky cliffs from places where I've spent time when I was a child. My parents were eccentric enough to make my sister and me live an off the beaten path marine wilderness in its fullness.


Istanbul, as I photographed it during the coldest days of the year. Winter 2016

Spaces Fading Out

This personal work is about my father and the spaces where he lived for a great part of his life. These are the spaces of my youth, too. After the passing of my parents, these places are turning in a state of neglect due to the difficulty of reviving them.
Riot Police fires tear gas canisters. Rome, Italy.

Hot Roman Autumns

The term hot autumn has been used by the Italian press to describe autumns with significant number of strikes and protests. Such discontent, since 2010, began to escalate into uncontrolled violence as tougher austerity measures...


A series of aerial photographs of the fast growing suburbs of the metropolitan city of Rome. The urban expansion of the metropolis saw no stop since the post-World war I. Mostly residential, the new development includes...

Living with Migraine

Migraine is a neurological disorder that is often socially underrated, as it mostly gets confused with the common and occasional headache. As a consequence who suffers from migraine has often to deal with the stress of lack of others understanding.